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The Destination is the Dare

If I hadn’t hit that point already, then I’m finally ready to admit that I really have no idea what I’m doing…and I haven’t even boarded the plane.

Truth: I don’t think watching 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls with Spanish subtitles quite did it.  I haven’t spoken Spanish in 18 months, and reading the news in Spanish is a lot harder than it should be.

Truth: I have no idea how to register for classes.  It’s my understanding that there are 3 different types/levels of classes that I should be looking at, but I’m clicking on all the links I can find and am yet to actually understand how the whole system works.  The program director has sent very detailed, long emails, but unfortunately, I think I’m more confused than ever.

Truth: I told myself that this semester, I would take a sabbatical from political activities.  I thought this would be easy, because I don’t follow much activity within the EU.  Plus, I could really just use a break.  Unfortunately, having now read class descriptions for the subjects I’m interested in, I don’t think it’s going to be easy at all.  Syllabuses are awfully telling.  I’ll sit and learn, but defending my principles in English is exhausting, so…

More Important Truth: I’ve done this before.  Yes, I might not have anything figured out at this point.  Sure, the list of stuff to do before I leave the US gets longer with each passing thought.  And yeah, I don’t know anyone in Spain, but I’ve done this before.   I know exactly where I was standing when my parents left me at Wesleyan for the first time.  I distinctly remember the feeling in my gut when I got out of the taxi and rolled my 80 lbs. bag up the driveway at the intern house in DC two summers back.  I spent my first three days in NYC wondering how life was ever going to feel normal.  Spain is just Wesleyan, DC, and New York all over again.  Now that I’ve finally started figuring out how to use public transportation, and given that it’s my fourth time settling someplace new on my own, it’s about time to mix it up and change the language or something, right?  Otherwise, it’d just be too easy 😉