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Today: 21st birthday, 50th post, 1000th hit

“And yet there is something so amiable in the prejudices of a young mind, that one is sorry to see them give way to the reception of more general opinions.”  -Col Brandon, Sense and Sensibility

I’ve always liked that quotation.  It’s like it gives you permission to be optimistic.  I’ve spent more than a fair amount of time contemplating long term plans recently, basically the kind of plans I couldn’t ever actually piece together at this stage in life, but I think about them anyway.

I’m leaving for Madrid in less than a week, and I don’t even know who I’m living with yet.  I don’t know how I’m going to pull second semester together or, despite my best efforts, if I’m going to be able to pick up a second (or third) job.  I think I know where I’m going to be next summer, but I don’t know how I’m going to get a good paying job.  I don’t know how early I’ll be able to crack down on my studies for the LSAT or how old I’ll be when I finally pay off my students loans.

I don’t know when I’ll get married or where I’ll settle down. I have not idea how long it will be before I can apply my law degree in the way I actually want to use it.  I don’t know where I’ll be able to get into law school, or if I will be able to visit them over spring break like I want to.

…but I still like to think about it.  I love living in anticipation, because I thrive on my goals.  In my mind, I often think of challenges as mental pushups.  Uncertainty has always made me uneasy, and it easily brings out my worst traits.  That may be why trumping uncertainty and fear about what’s next with a smile and a peaceful heart means so much.  Maybe that’s why looking forward to what’s next is so sweet.  After all, if you didn’t look forward and imagine what was coming next, you wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much when you got there.

And so, with that, I’ll continue to hold onto Col. Brandon’s wise words and the amiable prejudices of my 21 year old, (still) young mind.


I think it’s awesome that today is my 21st birthday, that this is my 50th blog post, and (if 7 more people read this today) that I will have had 1000 hits.  Just a lot of nice, round numbers.


I <3 Sam the Honda Accord

I had one task today.  Drop off my summer clothes, and pick up a couple sweaters.  To do that I had to go to my friend’s garage at school.  It is suppose to take 2 hours to get from New York to Middletown, but here’s what really happened.

11am: Subway to Port Authority to take Greyhound to Wesleyan

12:15: Supposed time to leave New York

12:30: Real time to leave New York

3:28: Supposed time to arrive in Hartford

3:50: Time Local Commuter Bus in Hartford that I needed leaves

4:00: Real time to arrive in Hartford

–I had no idea what to do since I missed the second bus.  I had never taken a CT public bus before and really had no idea when or where the next one was coming.  This led to a series of 5 or 6 phone calls between my father in I.  He was trying to give me directions, but we were both really lost.  Eventually, I gave up and just started walking around the city hoping that I would find a bus that would take me home, while contemplating who I could make desperate “please pick me up” phone calls in the central Connecticut area.  This walk would have been very nice if I hadn’t been lugging 80 lbs. in baggage.  Fortunetely, the proper bus station was only a few blocks away.

4:40: Time Local Commuter Bus was to arrive again, but it NEVER came

5:00: Supposed time of arrival at my friend’s garage

5:10: Time Local Commuter Bus was to arrive for the 3rd time.  This time I caught it.

-Brief anecdote: Sure, I was wearing a baseball t-shirt, tennis shoes, plastic frame glasses, and my hair in a braid, but I didn’t realize that made me look 15.  I thought it made me look like I was traveling (like I was).  Some lady at the bus stop asked me if I was coming back from summer camp.  I smiled and explained the situation, but puzzled how badly I must have really looked at that moment.  Although my youthfulness played to my (embarrassing) advantage when I did get on the bus.

I had looked up multiple times what the fare was to Middletown, and sure $1.25 seemed way too little, but it was the ONLY number I could find.  I figured the low fare must be the result of a big government subsidized program to cut city pollution.  Nope.  I just had no idea what the fare was, but as I got on the bus, with a businessman carrying my suitcase up the too narrow walkway, and hair falling in my face, I handed the bus driver 5 quarters.   I’m pretty sure paying him in all change really added to the effect.  He offered to let me put my huge suitcase in the front seat and said nothing.  I sat down and the fare was listed behind his seat, and it was SOO not $1.25, (although, in my defense, it was not too awful much more than that).  The bus driver cut me some slack without even making a comment, although probably because he thought I was 15 coming back from summer camp or a runaway going home or something.

5:45: Arrival to Middletown Park and Ride

-Sure, I had looked it up on google maps and, generally speaking, knew the area.  I knew where I was going.  I just had to find the post office, but instead I found myself in the middle of an abandoned parking lot in the middle of a giant field.   I had anticipated there being a sign indicating the street name or something like that.  But again, after a few phone calls to my father I proved that I was in fact not a 15 year old runaway.  I put that Wesleyan education to work, discerned which direction was west, and found the post office 😉

It only took 2 or 3 more phone calls to my dad before I found my friend’s house (1.25 miles away from the park and ride).  It was all a rather epic conclusion, because she lives uphill…And so with my 80 lbs. of a giant suitcase, stuffed backpack, and hunched back I climbed…for what seemed like forever.

6:30: Arrival to my friend’s garage.

It only took me 15 minutes to swap my summer and winter clothes.  15 minutes to do the job that took me 7 1/2 hours to get to.  I’ll skip the details about the way back, just that while it certainly had its frustrations, it was so much better.

I don’t give all this detail to complain, just that it was an interesting, exhausting day.   And that I have a HUGE appreciation for the patience of anyone who uses public transportation on a regular basis.

I ❤ Sam the Accord (My car.  Currently in Boston with my brother until I get back to Wes for the spring semester).



Flip like a Flapjack

So I’m not really sure how I went from isolation and just feeling out projects that I wasn’t really sure how to start to having more to do before I leave, but somehow I have.

My schedule has, generally speaking, been wide open for the last couple weeks.  I’ve had no specific plans, just a handful of projects to work on.  Tomorrow morning I need to call Apple Store Business Solutions back to see if they have any information about how I can sync my mammoth database (the one I’ve spent most of my time building) with Jeff’s new ipad.  Then I need to finish news updates for the new site, which I promise is coming very soon.  And let me tell you, it is AMAZING.  My LSAT study books arrive tomorrow (yeah!)  I’ve been tossing some ideas on what I need to get in order to formalize the intern program, and the new intern, here to prepare for the tutoring program starting next summer arrived- today.

Beyond that, I have maybe a 100 or so pages still to read and I need to buy a new suit jacket for  before I leave for Baltimore on Sunday.  When I get back, I have a week to wrap everything up, go to Wesleyan and pick up my winter clothes, put on another iserve for two more teams, and on August 10th I fly home.

That trip will include an eye appointment, loan appointment, and dentist appointment.  Oh, and then spending time with my family.  Also my 21st birthday.

On the 17th, I fly back to New York, were I will pick up my bags and spend the night.  On the 18th, I fly to Spain, where I will have two weeks of MUCH NEEDED language skills prep, then schools starts.  I haven’t spoken in Spanish in over a year, and none of my classes will be in English.

Holy cow.  I’m really not complaining, because of all people, goodness knows I needed my schedule to fill up a little bit.  I think it’s just the transitioning phase back to normal crazy life that is the challenging part.  And hey, at least I’m healthy now.

Training for Someone Else’s Marathon

Because internships are only three months: My experience putting a system in place for someone ELSE to manage…

So I realized last night that I have exactly three weeks left in New York.  Three weeks to write every document I planned on having done by the end of the summer.  Three weeks to complete the mammoth database.  Three weeks to follow up with everyone I spoke with at General Conference and implement a contact system that is easy enough for Jeff to manage it once I’m gone (I ❤ and miss Raiser’s Edge).  Three weeks to put my masterful and mildly obsessive and detailed planning skills to work for someone else.

At this point, it still feels like I’ve done nothing, but I’m banking on it being the feeling you get before a test when all you can think about is everything you don’t know, instead of everything you do.

Up to this point its been all prep work, but now I’m to the point that I’m actually using the skills I’ve spent the last year and half studying and testing out on small scales .  Now, I’m actually doing development work, which is cool.  I think.  This is the first time I’ve used these skills for something that actually really counted for something with a long term goal in mind.