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Permanent Residency

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe circulation doesn’t really carry to Olin’s attic very well.  My carrel smells a bit like stale corn chips and feet.

At last count, there were 83 books sitting on my little desk, illuminated by the meager light beneath the shelf.  It’s the kind of light that goes off if I sit and read without moving for too long.  The over-priced amazon white board sits to my left, its reflective surface making the light go just a little bit further and flashing my latest chapter diagram back at me.

I’ve discovered that if I angle myself exactly corner-to-corner, it is possible to fully extend my legs and take a nap on the floor, which is something of a discovery in a room so small that you can’t really open the door without hitting the chair.  On the plus side, at least the chair is comfortable.  Duly sun-faded and possibly as old as the CSS itself, but comfortable nonetheless.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe completion of chapter one marks a significant accomplish and one that I fully intend to revel in until I get Prof. Elphick’s comments back.  The research for chapter two is scheduled, the readings for chapter three started, and the logic for chapter four partially solved, meaning that despite long hours (pushing 8 hours in this chair today), I remain on track.

It’s a good thing I like what I do, otherwise this tiny, little office space might be just enough to drive me crazy.

By George,

I found it.

The Study Corner

In the library, on the first floor, towards the back, in the corner.

internet √

plug √

just enough noise √

comfy chair √

space to spread out √

Unfortunetely, it’s at the campus library, meaning I have one hour hike to get there, but I’m thinking the time investment to study will make me all the more productive.  I accomplished more in my 3 hours there than I have in the last week, no kidding.  It felt sooo good.

I might not understand everything, and I’m surely not a genius…but if I’m in the right place and have the right materials, I could win a gold medal in studying.

Study Corner

My quest for the perfect corner continues, and you’d be surprised how much it throws off my ability to study.

I am seriously aching for my nook in the history alcove in PAC, the little room on the 4th floor of PAC, the colloquium classroom,  the CSS lounge, the CSS library, Albritton 3R, the CFA lab, the terraced hill behind Olin overlooking the baseball field, and the lounge couch that was in my room last year.

All of these places have the perfect mix of mumbling activity and quiet.  The majority of them also have outlets and internet.

I can’t find study places in Spain.  School is 1 hour away, there’s no place to plug in at the local library and internet is temperamental, Starbucks only has 45 minutes of free internet (assuming I could figure out how to logon), and we all know trying to study in your room is about as effective as giving a hungry six-year-old a Reese’s and telling them not to eat (sleep always beckons).

I don’t mean to sound petty, but the absence of study space really throws me off.  Just when I think I’m getting a grip of all of my studies, I get all uncomfortable trying to figure out where I can sit down and crank out 4 hours of non-facebook interrupted productivity.

The last couple of weeks are largely a giant blur.  I’ve been going lots of places, meeting lots of people, and dealing with a lot of minor frustrations that the entire world hinges on (or at least that’s how it feels at the time).  So, missing that study chair, is hard, but I’ll figure it out, even if it means that I have to learn how to be productive and study in my room.

Madrid in the Fall

Though I suffered a minor setback this morning (apparently you can’t actually study in the National Library), today turned out great.  My quest for the perfect study spot took me all around the city on foot.  I spent a good portion of the morning reading at a beautiful, huge park, found lunch, more places to read, and ultimately a Starbucks with an outlet for my computer.  Can’t say I’ve found my study nook yet, but the search has been fun so far.

It felt really good to just sit down with a book in front of me, my laptop up, word open, and my fingers tap dancing on the keys.  The familiar beat and reading about something I love so comforting, and so are leaves moving like fire in the trees.


I was eating lunch, looked up, saw this image and laughed.  That was probably as close as I am going to get to a typical American fall, but hey, the important thing is I’ll be back in the spring in time for March Madness.

A Successful Search for a Study-Proof Starbucks

Given the misery of the previous night, I did not set my alarm this morning.  Given how I was feeling (sick), I figured that the most productive use of my time would be sleeping.  I recall waking up at nine something, and the next time I looked up it was a few minutes past one.  My temperature was nearly normal and I had a reasonable bit of energy.  Having not left my apartment in more than two days, I really needed to get out (and get a meal that did not consist of cereal or one of my 12 ways of eating a taco).

I must say my afternoon adventure was rather successful.  I’ve been looking for a good place to work downtown, but up to today, my search had been to no avail.  Most parks are too crowded.  Crowded is chaotic like a messy room, and I can’t work in messy rooms.  I think that’s why I hate going to Times Square so much.

Anyways, I’ve been scoping out Starbucks’, because they have air conditioning, restrooms, and most importantly, free internet, but I hadn’t found a good one until today.  Granted, there are 174 Starbucks in Manhattan, so my search might not have been too thorough, but still.  It needed to be empty enough that I would not have to fight for a seat, and it had to have available outlets.

The one I went to today had everything I needed.  Starbucks at Lexington and 53rd.  The staff was so into it that they were dancing to the music.  Watching them love their jobs made me not mind at all that the barista in-training took awhile to make my grande java chip frappacino.

I sat with my drink, undisturbed, and read the news with enthusiasm.  It’s difficult to describe, but I do have to be in a certain setting to get into current events.  Recently, I have been lamenting my disinterest in closely following the news.  Today, I got back into the swing of it.

So dad, for all that, yes, I’ll pay $5 for a cup of coffee.

Color-Coded Accompaniments: Tori’s Map to Law School

I made it tonight.  That list. The big one. The one with percentiles, LSAT scores, and GPAs, all broken up by geographic region of the country.  The bulleted list of everything I have to do for every season between now and winter 2013, including number of study hours per week, test dates, and times to research schools too.  I charted my current academic benchmarks and goals, and it hangs to the left of the agenda just to serve as reminder of all that I have to do to get where I want to go.

I do realize that I openly stating this online, I am admitting that I am in fact 100% geek, but I have no problem owning up to that.  My little color-coded charts might just be enough to label me a nut, but it’s like this.  It’s the only way I know how to handle it.

It– the pressure.  I’m yet to start my junior year, and I already feel as though I am out of time.  The summer’s half over, and while it is a great honor, I’ve committed myself to several hefty additions to my reading list by participating the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Honor’s Program. In August, it’s off to Spain.  When I get back, I’ll be devoting myself to putting together a conservative lecture series for the fall of 2012.  Wesleyan might not be abundant with folks of my political persuasion, but I’m not going to leave without having done everything in my power to express my thoughts to my peers.  That’s been an up and down adventure, but I want to leave having done it right.  My mind has been spinning with senior thesis topics since I was a freshman, and you can bet that I’ll soon be completely sold out to some micro-specific topic that almost no one else will have any interest in at all, but I’ll get a total kick out of it.

My crazy charts and lists are there to prove that the fear that I will not have time to prepare for the LSAT ever becomes a realization.  It’s there to prove that while I might not be sleeping, I’m not sleeping with purpose.  And I think that makes all the difference in the world.