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Worst of the Best

Life is good, but it doesn’t always feel that way.

Last week, in CSS junior econ tutorial, transitioning economies, we investigated the relationship between stabilization and economic growth.  I argued that the two are necessarily tied.

google calendar

Stabilization didn’t guarantee any specific results, but growth doesn’t come without stabilization.  It’s a painful process, but one that pays off.

See, pain comes before growth. You know, like…

1. When exhaustion tunnels through lethargic legs and I can barely lift my head— and I still make it through 8 1/2 hours in food service.

2. When the part of my schedule out of my hands self-adjusts— to fit my needs (academically & sleep-wise).

3. When I bust my tail, write with all I got in me, and screw up— and the professor patiently meets with me (every week).

4. When people who usually yell at me— start calling me by name and saying thanks.

5. When post-semester abroad bank account— starts to look like a financial-savvy, broke college account again (emphasis on the starting).

6. When amazon saves the day—again.

7. When people I was waiting on—-email me back.

8. When I needed more hours— and the librarian gives me an extra 20 hours during finals week and agrees to take me on as regular staff (for next year).





No, the thermometer’s not broken;

It just wasn’t designed to hold temperatures with three digits.

That's 100 degrees, not 0

It’s 1:00pm, which means that will go up to at least 105 by the end of the day.

I was trying to be all positive, after all I’m here to do missions work.  It’s all for the Kingdom, and that makes it worth it.  I thought to myself, I wouldn’t be complaining if I was doing the same work I’m doing now in some obscure jungle, so I looked up the temperature in a random city in South America to make myself feel better.  Oops.  Guatemala City, Guatemala is partly cloudy with a high of 75.

hehe.  My attempt at optimism might not have delivered the expected results, but it still made me smile.  I looked up a couple of other cities in South America to try to make my model work, but the more I looked up, the cooler they got.  🙂