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The Start Button

I microwaved ramen for dinner.

I am so way too old for this.  Freshman year of college, I watched my roommate crush her noodles, dump water on them, and hit the three minute button.  I thought it was genius.  We had no stovetop,  no oven, and only a tiny fridge.  Microwaved noodles were the closest I could get to late-night gourmet.

Now, I have a gas stove that boils water faster than I’ve ever known a liquid to vaporize, but I still used the microwave.  It’s actually almost a little ironic being that I didn’t even own a microwave for most of my senior year and fell out of the habit of using it.

But here I am: post-college house #2 and microwaved noodles are still in tow.  My bed frame arrives tomorrow, and it will be all up to me to put it together.  No doubt, it will involve at least one trip to the Home Depot, as my tool collection spans no further than three screwdrivers.  Although, I have made several advances in the homemaking department that are both noble and noteworthy.

My home has enough lamps to ensure a walk from one room to another without tripping, the walls are covered in the colors of my choosing, and I pinned an old world map in a shadow box and marked off the places that I’ve lived.  That’s homey.  I can cook now too (see herehere, and here for testimonies as to why this is significant)

Having said all of that, it probably says a lot about me that all my books were thematically arranged before my suitcase was unpacked.  For nearly a week, my outfit was whatever was at the top of my suitcase that morning.

This last move was #13 and the first that was completely of my own choosing.  It was the right thing to do, and I’m glad I’m here, very thankful actually.

Pumpkin spiced everything is starting to be replaced with wintery chocolate treats, and soon enough, Bing Crosby will croon over the Starbucks sound system again.   There are still variables to sort out. I’ve been on a few disastrous dates recently, and they’ll be some 750 miles between myself and the rest of my family on Thanksgiving.  But in both cases, I trust that alternative plans will come together yet.

I’m really tired.  I have been all week.  But, I’m also coiled up in a warm (new) bed (that I actually own now), and I can still see the sky from my pillow. I think that all counts for something important; at least it does to me.


Permanent Residency

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe circulation doesn’t really carry to Olin’s attic very well.  My carrel smells a bit like stale corn chips and feet.

At last count, there were 83 books sitting on my little desk, illuminated by the meager light beneath the shelf.  It’s the kind of light that goes off if I sit and read without moving for too long.  The over-priced amazon white board sits to my left, its reflective surface making the light go just a little bit further and flashing my latest chapter diagram back at me.

I’ve discovered that if I angle myself exactly corner-to-corner, it is possible to fully extend my legs and take a nap on the floor, which is something of a discovery in a room so small that you can’t really open the door without hitting the chair.  On the plus side, at least the chair is comfortable.  Duly sun-faded and possibly as old as the CSS itself, but comfortable nonetheless.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe completion of chapter one marks a significant accomplish and one that I fully intend to revel in until I get Prof. Elphick’s comments back.  The research for chapter two is scheduled, the readings for chapter three started, and the logic for chapter four partially solved, meaning that despite long hours (pushing 8 hours in this chair today), I remain on track.

It’s a good thing I like what I do, otherwise this tiny, little office space might be just enough to drive me crazy.