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After Thesis

It’s all over next Friday.  And when it is, I will:

Dinner for champions.

Wesshop dinner for champions.

1. Eat normal meals at normal hours.

2. Play basketball.

3. Go shopping.

4. Sleep.*

5. Read a novel.

6. Read on Foss.

7. See a movie.

8. Go out.

9. Host a party.

10. Go to class.

11. Actually do the reading for class.

12. Listen while I’m there.

13. Call my parents.

14. Cook.

15. Attend neglected friendships.

16. Work normal hours.

17. Do laundry.*

18. Talk about stuff other than my thesis.


*Actually might need to do before next Friday.






Face palm [realizations]

Face palm- The act of slapping your forehead with the palm of your head in exasperation.  Ex. performed after: getting a joke 5 minutes later, obvious realizations, etc.

Some of my Spanish face palms have been funny, others a little pathetic, though most probably just fall under the category of “oh, that’s a little different.”  Most of the time they’re amusing, sometimes a little trying, but always educational.  So should you ever find yourself in the land of vosotros (Spanish verb tense not used in Latin America Spanish speaking countries), here’s what you can expect. Remember, it’s the little things that make the experience.

Spanish face palms:

1. Leaving (Salida)?  Don’t turn around.  The down arrow means go forward, even if the stairs go up.  

2. Judía verde is not Kosher food.  It’s green beans.

3. Subway floors slick like a 5-year-old playing with a Pledge can.

4. Mayonnaise is like ketchup.

5. PDA.  Big time, everywhere, and not just high school kids.

6. Business ads in the church bulletin?

7. The ear-cheek kiss greeting, with everyone, everywhere isn’t just a French thing.

8. Portions of meat so big it takes up 3/4 of the plate [definitely not complaining about this one!]

9. Freshly squeezed orange juice is weak.  Corollary: Orange Fanta has real orange juice in it.

7. I just stopped sweating at night.  My family is so cold they asked me if I needed to pull out a winter blanket.  The weather is very moderate.

8. Fitted sheets are an American thing?  The absence of elasticity explains why the beds are always made up just so.

Make a List

There’s something exciting about watching projects starting to take shape, but there is also something difficult about recognizing progress when nothing’s finished.  Last night, I sat down to do a write up of my work this week.  An hour and half later, I had 3 page memo, and I realized that I had actually accomplished something.

As a planner who usually makes a list before I get started, it felt good to finally have something written out.  Just this time the list came afterward.   Last Tuesday, I started working without any short term goals and tried to envision the skeleton of database, which has already grown to 45 pages.  While most of the information I was importing came from other spreadsheets, let’s just say it was sufficiently complicated.  Ctrl + c and ctrl +v just wasn’t going to cut it.  Tedious editing and formatting in excel leaves you without much sense of accomplishment, at least until you realize everything else that you were able to do because of that detailed administrative work.

The best part about finally having a list, albeit a completed one, is that it puts me a place to make the next one– a to do list for this week, and mind you, a to do list with much more exciting projects because the grunt work is more or less done.  I have volunteered myself to build two websites (an exciting but mildly intimidating task for a girl who just learned how to blog), but I have some good ideas.  I’ll master html emails this weekend and create newsletter template by Monday (or something like that).  By the end of the summer I might have to officially forgo my tech illiteracy title and start fixing my own computer problems.

It’s been a good week.  It all feels slightly less overwhelming now that I am officially moved in, the carpet is finally being put down, and I know how to find my way home.  A couple days ago, I went on a long walk near my apartment and for the life of me I could not find restaurant/shops/people.  I found out last night that I was suppose to turn left, not right at the first stop, which apparently makes all the difference in the world.

As a extroverted people person, I quiet and solitude I get during the work day and evenings is starting to get to me a little bit, but I know that this won’t last for long.  I’ve been given the names of a couple of groups I can connect with this summer, and on Sunday, I’ll meet some folks at church and hopefully connect with a small group or something.

I think my problems are about to quickly shift from not being quite sure what to do next to having too much to do next.  All and all, I think I’m in a good place for this week.