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love and lunch

Sometimes there are people that come out of no where to love you when you need it.

Spain has just been another check on the list of places that I’ve called home for an oh-so-substantive four months.  I’ve commented on this before, but there really is an obstacle when I have only four months to throw everything I got into a relationship with people for whom four months here isn’t a blink in their lifetime.  I’m here, and I’ll be gone.  But they aren’t going anywhere.

All that makes the people that take the initiative to love on me mean even more.

Today, I went out with a couple from my church for lunch.  They’re Americans, but they’ve been doing missions work in Spain for 28 years.  It’s so crazy to meet people who, for example, know Fort Wayne, studied at Asbury and Ball State, sent a kid to Taylor, etc.  But that’s not really what made it cool.

They explained the history of the church I’ve been going to here and shared a little bit about the church planting activities they are involved in here.  It was just nice to have someone to talk to.  They reminded me so much of Doug and Becca Cox.

I needed that afternoon to offset the rest of my day.  I was lying in bed this afternoon when realized that I was literally scared of my law class, which is kinda crazy.  I’ve hated classes, not understood them, stressed about them, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been scared of a class before.

Ever since that weekend I wasted 20 hours on 8 pages, I’ve mostly stop doing the optional homework exercises.  I just didn’t see it as a valid use of my time, especially given that I’m taken the class pass/fail.  But I have no idea how to function in a class when I am not literally throwing my every fiber into being successful in it, or at least knowing everything that was going on.

That stress is boiling with an upcoming test in my language class, which is a great class, although my last test in there went really poorly.  I’m so tired of intaking and spitting out.  I found myself listening to economic debates on youtube today while I copied my law notes, just because I wanted something think about and evaluate so bad.

Read and repeats is so boring, yet a really big obstacle I need to deal with right now.

I can’t wait for classes to end.  All but one will be over in 3 weeks, 3 long weeks.