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Things I email my mother

Homework complaints, work schedules, $3 off at Dominos because the pizza guy thought I was cute, time-wasting websites, 4am no-one-is-going-to-come-in-at-work-and-I’m-tired panics, caffeine, and bad dinners…I might live in Connecticut, but still tell my mom about everything.

…In honor of the day (click on the image to read it)

I less-than-three-semicolon-close parentheses-you—always

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A tribute to study breaks

How to: not do homework, a reflection on the finer art of¬†distracting¬†oneself when there’s work to do. ¬†I’m no procrastinator, but you really can’t just sit down and write a 15 page paper in one setting (well).

I have many’a fond memory of I’ve-been-working-on-this-paper-too-long-to-actually-write-anything-worth-reading moments, which is the reason study breaks were invented.

I remember quite vividly that Wednesday night last fall when we were all doing our reading ¬†on 4th floor of PAC, and we tried calling 1-800-MyCustomSnuggie to see about getting snuggies with our yet to be designed CSS coat of arms. ¬†(Turns out they’re only open during business hours.)

Then, there was that night when I found out that it only costs 60 cents more to get extra pineapple on your Dominos Pizza, and, perhaps more importantly, that PAC is listed as a delivery location on their website.

Back when I believed that I didn’t actually¬†possess¬†sufficient quantities of energy to make it to that 2pm paper deadline every Friday, I ran the 5 flights of stairs between the basement and the CSS lounge at about 3am.

I could never forget those moments when lightening strikes (which despite being supposedly random happened every Thursday night between 9pm and midnight). ¬† I would run into the hall/classroom/lounge to tell someone, and¬†inevitably run¬†into my friend Joon (don’t know why). ¬†I’d¬†excitedly¬†tell him my thesis, and he always¬†told me it didn’t make sense/wasn’t true/I couldn’t defend it/etc. ¬†Then we’d fight about it for somewhere between 5-45 minutes, which always helped me iron out my supporting points. ¬†Afterwards, I’d go home write ¬†ūüôā

With no lounge or friend like Joon to distract me, I’ve been left to my own devices here in Spain. ¬†Last week, I took to memorizing all of the Spanish subtitles to my favorite youtube video, and today I tweezed my eyebrows (slightly less impressive, I know).

Point being, I’m 6 pages in, and the novelty of writing in English is melting away. ¬†I think it’s good though. ¬†It’s hard when you don’t fully understand the expectations, but something tells me that making it through Professor Elphick’s history tutorial has prepared me for whatever paper Spain is throwing me this week.

And so, on that note, I think my break is over…back to work….

God bless the librarian.

He completely changed my day.

Every Monday, I have a write up to do for introduction to law.  The first assignment was last week, and it wasn’t too hard.  However, I did spend a good portion of Thursday just reading the three pages of text, but come Sunday night when I went to write the answers, I had no problems.

With the disruption in my perfect study schedule (I was sick Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and the continued absence of a proper study corner, I did not have the opportunity to pour over my analysis of the text this week.  The assignment is technically optional, so I forced myself to let it go.

I knew it was the right decision, but I felt so out-of-place.  That pathetic fear of failure still hasn’t quite left me, so I spent a good portion of my one hour morning commute praying about it.

Class was hard.

After class, I took my ¬†I‚Äôm-going-to-tackle-all-my-problems right now attitude and went to the library to try to renew my textbook, despite not knowing how to say ‚Äúcheck-out‚ÄĚ and assuming that the book was probably overdue.

It was, and standing there in all the morning discontent, my Spanish skills regressed about 4 weeks, and I understood next to nothing.

God bless the librarian.

It turns out that for each day the book is late, a hold is placed on your account for two days. ¬†That means I would need to return my overdue textbook and not be able to take it out again for sixteen days. ¬†I explained to him that I didn’t understand that books can only be checked out for a week (that nuts!) without renewing and he responded –via google translate, since I was a little too flustered to understand anything.

The librarian looked up at me, smiled, said “It’s your first time,” lifted my 16 day hold, and handed me by book back.

How’s that for an example of answered prayer? ¬†All that morning fear and frustration that I was working so hard to get rid of melted away with his patient helpfulness.

Done by midnight

Okay, so, no lie. ¬†I feel a little bit like I did in the 6th grade when I finished by pre-algebra¬†homework by 7pm. ¬†Math homework was a multi-hour¬†ordeal¬†that¬†inevitably¬†included a lot of¬†unnecessary¬†frustrations. ¬†If I finished by 7, I could catch the Love Boat on TV land. ¬†I tried to watch an episode of the Love Boat over the summer, and it was so bad, I couldn’t make it through it. ¬†But in the 6th grade, that’s what I was all about.

All this is to say, I finished my essay over orientation in Santiago. ¬†It’s only three pages, but I really hated the prompt. ¬†So getting through it was like mud, then when I finally finished it, I sat down with my host mom for another hour editing. ¬†I’ll get better at that, but there was a lot more editing than usual, because I intentionally used sentence structures and grammar that I’m not yet comfortable with. ¬†So it was good. And now I have a good essay.

And…now I’m going to watch the season 1 finale of Suits, because I have time. ¬†Score. ¬†I was saving it until I finished my homework.

On another note, I went to the MOST amazing church today. ¬†Seriously. ¬†They were the most welcoming group of people ever. ¬†It’s like they completely understood how I felt. ¬†All of them. ¬†The church was so full, you’d a thought it was Easter Sunday. ¬†A nice woman from Australia gave me her number so we can grab dinner next weekend.

And the music! ¬†I knew a lot of the songs, and those that I didn’t were very easy to learn. ¬†It is so amazing to worship in Spanish, because it’s different, yet still the same God and still the most intimate experience ever. ¬†It’s like it’s okay that I don’t know all the words, because God understands what I’m trying to say.

I sat next to a family from Warsaw, Indiana and a girl who graduated from Indiana Wesleyan. ¬†(I say that with¬†hesitancy, because even if there hadn’t been that personal connection/familiarity, it still would have been amazing.) ¬† Can’t wait to go back!!!