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Stunning, SB: Day 15

On Mount Higby.

A homemade spring break for the best of them.

In perfect shorts and tank tops weather, I’ve sat outside on my newly-cleaned screened porch.  The same room that was so gross when I moved in that I decided to pretend it wasn’t attached to my house is now a beautiful, sunlit reading room (complete with an outdoor outlet).

Professor Elphick’s book recommendation arrived yesterday, and I’ve set at properly devouring it, my mind thoroughly jumbled at its crazy claims and what it means it the author is right.

When I realized 72 cookies was a lot.

My cooking disasters have continued, but with notable shining successes.

In between not paying attention to the fact that that cookie recipe yields 6 dozen cookies (2 1/2 cups doesn’t sound like much until you realize that it’s talking about butter), the panicked phone call to my mother because my drumsticks were bleeding in the oven (it was gross), and the icing that kept sliding off the cake, my cooking has been met with shining success.

I’ve actually made an array of full, edible meals, which really is quite a major feat for me.  I’ll analyze a boring book and write a great analysis, but ask me to cook a family sized meal and disaster is more likely than not.

My beautiful porch.

Over break, I’ve learned to make a biscuits and gravy that would knock you on your feet, and the beans and cornbread casserole I made for my friends might as well have been cooked by mother.

Besides the edible food part, my room with an oven and fridge finally has enough basic utensils and pantry items to earn its title as a kitchen.

The time apart from MS Word has been good for both of us, and I’ve watched the Dead Poets Society three times in the last week.

I’ve also discovered that 80s music does have a place in the world, even if it is restricted to morning kitchen music while making pancakes, and I finally explored that wooded path by 91, the one that leads to a mountain.

Chicken noodle soup, apples and peanut butter, and grapefruit soda on the porch.

Perhaps most notable has been the never-ending developments in my quest for a summer job, more appropriately referred to as Tori finally figured out what she wants to do with her life and, dare I say it, has a decent idea of what that means in terms of a career.

As frightening as each step in this process has been and undoubtedly still will be, it has been a lot of fun (…a word I never previously dared to associate with a job search)

Opposite of a cooking disaster.

I can’t even begin to explain all that’s happening other than to say its a lot, I never could have mapped a network this big, and it is so not over.  I still am not quite sure what’s going to happen this summer, but, bit by bit, it really is all coming together.

One of the first couple weeks of the semester, we started praying about jobs at Wellspring.  I was already well on my way down this crazy, exciting path with big dreams and a direction, but up to that point it wasn’t really going anywhere specific.

It’s been unbelievable watching opportunities that seemed so great completely fall apart (and my desire for them).

Reading on the hill.

Whereas, new opportunities, ones that wouldn’t have even caught my attention a year ago but are now all I want, are coming out of nowhere.

I know people that spent the break in Florida, Jamaica, Mexico, California, Hong Kong, Europe, and the Middle East.  Bet none of them have had a break as fulfilling as mine–right here in Middletown, Connecticut.

-best spring break ever-


Not Quite Heloise

Methodology of cooking for 1?  Put it all in the microwave together. *note: this rarely works out well.

No A/C?  Windows stuck?  Jump on the windowsill and throw your weight into it.  Try to move the window with your sticky, sweaty knees. *note: only do this if you don’t have back problems.

I really should have kept a list of all the nasty foods I’ve eaten together in the last 2 years.  Once I made pancakes look like oatmeal, and I was so hungry I finished what I had and made more.  Another time, I burned ramen (in my defense, the only reason it was burnt was because I actually used a stove.  Usually, ramen goes in the microwave for 60 seconds).  Last week, I dumped tomato juice on hamburger and linguine and called it a gourmet meal.

Today, I had a true success(ish), so I thought I’d share.  I was so excited.  It actually looked good, although in the name of honesty, it didn’t taste nearly as good as it looked.

8 Layer Taco Salad

Nevertheless, I still have learned several important lessons from my kitchen and housekeeping mishaps and successes, and am here to share them with you today.  (Because I know you all should be taking housekeeping advice from a young, single college student trying to make it on her own in the city.)

1) Frozen peas are divine.  They easily replace chips as a snack food.

2) Tacos can be prepared in at least a dozen edible ways. (see above photo for method 10)

3) A homemade strawberry smoothie will always make a bad meal go down okay.

4) You really should use laundry soap, but in the event that you have absolutely no more clean clothes, you can just put them all in the machine (important note: I’m not gross.  I’ve only done this once, but was amazed at how well it worked out.)

5) Some people put towels under their door to keep out the light.  An equally valid reason for stuffing a towel under your door is fear of cockroaches.

6) No matter how much you try, living on ramen is really not appropriate.

7) Cooking can actually be quite enjoyable if you are hungry and the alternative is ramen (again)

8 ) Radiators do not emit gas.  They only have water in them, so do not call physical plant thinking you are reporting a fire.  There is also no need to dream of a Jane Eyre like fire in your room.

** corollary to #8: If you just used a gas stove the hallway might smell like smoke.  Do not be alarmed.

9) Feel free to ignore standard meal hours, because you are cooking for one and you can.  Just eat healthy.  Eat when you are hungry, even if that means you eat breakfast at noon, lunch at 4pm, and dinner at midnight.

10) There are certain food items that are okay after their expiration dates.  Milk is never one of them.

I know I’m not the best homemaker (yet), but I laugh because getting frustrated isn’t effective.  So why not smile at my mishaps?