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Robert’s Rules

Last year, I rode in the car with Morton Blackwell (president of the Leadership Institute) for I don’t know how many hours to his home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The other interns came too, but only one other rode in the car with Morton, his wife, and me.

Now, I valued that time, just because I knew there was a lot I could learn from Morton, but rest assured, it was indeed a very long ride.  Most of the trip was dedicated to the role of rules committees in conventions.  Morton outlined the 1952 Republican National Convention and how General Eisenhower emerged the Republican nominee for president instead of Senator Taft, despite both men entering with near equal number of delegates.  I was thinking about that story this week.

Despite certain rather dull moments, I am fascinated by the business meetings at General Conference.  This is the first time that I have seen Robert’s Rules properly applied in a large group setting (200+).  I’ve formed my opinions on the Conference’s business, although I do recognized that I am 20 years old and these gentlemen and ladies have been discussing the same issues since I was in middle school.  I find myself contemplating influences on different people and how the conference is run (and by that I do not mean to imply in any way that it is not run well, just that I’m enjoying analyzing it).

Robert's Rules


I’ll be following up with more stories and thoughts from conference, I just only get internet in one room, so I’m rather limited in writing time.



iServe Video (check it out!)

This is the iServe video I made for General Conference.  It will also soon be on the new NewYorkIsCalling.com website.


It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty proud of it.  Video editing is like digital scrapbooking, beautiful, but time consuming.  Wordpress will charge me $60 if I upload a video to this site (rip off), so instead, I’m sending you to youtube.  So please, click on the link and see what I’ve been doing while the teams are here.

Cross-Eyed Confusion

After a rather long and throughly un-exhilarating, yet still extremely stressful mess of paperwork to painful too talk about, I think I’ve finally caught up on boring, logistical work.  What’s next?  The challenges of ordering photos for a display board that is going with me to Texas, but is still in Indiana.  You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard, but…it is.

P.S. – I saw cockroach again today and didn’t even jump; I just ran away.  However, I still am too afraid to get close enough to kill them.  I’d google it to find the most successful and least gross method, but I’m sure that it will pull up images that will plague me.  All this is to say, if you have any suggestions as to how I should deal with this problem (read: how to kill cockroach in the least gross way possible), please comment.

A Few Words

Today was my first day off since the weekend before the first team arrived (the second one is here and the the third arrives tomorrow), and I can’t even remember when that was.  It was nice to get a little extra sleep.  Unfortunately, I had to spend most of the day doing laudry, but it still wasn’t too bad.

On another note, one of my projects stretched out over the whole summer is to formalize the internship program.  In that handbook there will be a list of things to bring to New York.  On that list will be walking shoes.  Someone as smart as my mother might think that’s a no-brainer, but it’s not one that I picked up on.  I’ve worn walking shoes maybe 2 days in the last 2 years, so I didn’t think it was necessary.  But I’ve done enough walking all over the city with teams that walking shoes has become a (painful) necessity.  Hopefully I can take care of that tomorrow.

In addition to finding walking shoes, I hope to finally finish the layout for the General Conference display…and get 2 (more) passport photos for my visa (for Spain. I’m studying abroad in the fall)….and get a money order to get my visa….and makecopies of all my paperwork for my visa….and fill out the paperwork….and get the documents for my visa that is currently en-route from Indiana…. and be paranoid that I’m not going to have everything I need to leave the country and get approved in time….and file my receipts with Jeff so I can pay my bills…and meet team number three.

Full day. But a day that will be good if I attack it with the right attitude.  The visa stuff is stressing me out though.

Crunch Time

Now that the team is gone, it’s back to work on materials for general conference.  I have 4gb of photos and video to sort through, PR displays to assemble, a loose ends to find.  It’s time to dig up my high school iMovie skills and hope that I can still make something that looks good.  Jeff is giving me all the written information I need, but I’m in charge of the visual displays.  It’s also important to keep in mind a lot of the materials I’ll be using will also be used for the next year or two, so I’m needing to think ahead to what I don’t need now, but soon will.

And…there are only 3 days before the next team arrives.  And after that one leaves, another comes right away.  This is great.  It just means I’m not going to be getting much sleep.  (you wouldn’t either with a dozen or so giggling girls outside your bedroom door!)

Promise and Other Forward Looking Thoughts

After two days of agonizing pain, I can finally walk without wincing, which means, I can go explore!  I’m still in a fair amount of pain and wearing the back brace, but it’s not too bad.

I’m also in a place with my work where there isn’t a lot that I can move forward on until some folks reply to my emails and I meet with Jeff in the morning.  -All the more reason to get out this afternoon.  I need to create a custom map of stuff NYIC is doing across the city before General Conference, so I’m going to go run to a couple visitor centers to look at some templates.

Here’s a photo of the Manhattenhenge (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattanhenge) I discussed earlier, but was unable to post.

Something akin to a rollie pollie bug

No, not that bug I had a run in with a couple of days ago…

I still can’t bend at the waist, which is incredibly awkward.  I think the worst of it was last night.  I couldn’t even sit up to eat my dinner, and I had to crawl back to my room to go to bed.

Miriam however has sort of saved my life.  She’s let me borrow her back brace, which minimizes pain x1000.  I’ve never seen anyone my age wearing one before, but hey, whatever works right?  Anyways, the brace makes it possible to roll, which is how I managed to get in and out of bed last night and this morning.  The ability to move without crying out in pain is about the most amazing thing ever right now, although  I really do sort of feel like a rollie pollie bug.

As you can imagine, all this back trouble is setting me back a little in terms of getting my work done, which is okay, but a little frustrating.  I’m knee deep in this trying to figure out how to build a new website and have a bunch of other little projects to get done before General Conference, which as my father pointed out on the phone last night, is only 4 weeks away.  I really got to get rolling.  (a cheap pun I know, but I couldn’t resist.)