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Wikipedia xoxo

My dearest wiki,

I would like to credit you for all the childhood injuries you stopped when I was 11 and those that you are still lovingly preventing at 21.

Instead of reaching up high shelves for the most recent edition of the Children’s World Book that our elementary schools saw fit to purchase, we turned to yahoo (back in those pregoogle days).

Our first hits always turned up a wealth of information on our research topics, written by our middle school peers and their teachers.  Nothing quite cleared up what exactly the estates-general were like a 7th grader’s analysis of the French Revolution.  We grew to love geocities.

But our fascination would fade.  Once we learned what bibliographies were, our teacher’s taught us the difference between credible and non-credible sources, meaning no more personal websites.

But that quiet 6th grade year, something else happened.  You walked into our lives, keeping us from returning to dusty shelves where those heavy, outdated encyclopedias lie.   With all your subjects and embedded links to topics within the article, we looked to the future with newfound hope.

Sure enough, one day, our teachers told us that you too weren’t credible, but we knew not to believe them this time.   As high school masters of the MLA bibliography, we were smart enough to figure out to use the websites at the bottom of each page to find the “so-called” credible sources we were taught to use.

And our relationship grew and prospered.  I thought we could get no closer after you became a primary text in my college sophomore government tutorial, but then, wiki, I came to Spain.

And here, I wiki all subjects discussed in every one of my classes– in English and Spanish.  Here, it’s just you and me, spending long nights chasing new links, trying to figure out how the Habsburgs fell from power and when the Korean War started.

So wiki, as I preceed to finals, stick close by.  We still have many a-hour to get through together.


Yours truly,




In the spirit of full disclosure, wiki, just so you don’t get the wrong idea, please know I’m not ready to get serious.  See, I graduate in a year in a half, and then I’ll be free to choose whatever books I want to read without repercussions of not having learned whatever prescribed texts my professors saw fit to throw my way.

It will be a lot less “When did the Spanish-American War start?” and a lot more ” What was the long term economic effect of foreign policy at the turn of the twentieth century in relation to President McKinley?” So let’s just make the most of the time we have left, ok?


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

I don’t know how to do finals.  I mean, obviously of done them plenty of times, but I feel so out of it.  The rhythm of CSS breaks a lot with your traditional mid semester and final semester work schedule.

And I’m feeling it.  Mind you all this is compounded by a deep dislike for Carlos III, most of my classes, and academic frustration in general.

Yesterday, I was like an overheated engine that quite working.  I, quite literally, forgot how to exit the train.  Last week, I forgot where a class I’ve had since September meets.

But, alas, I have defaulted to my classic high stress coping technique.

Inspiring quotations in English and Spanish, detailed daily to-do list, encouraging words from a friend (shout out to Esther Oser).  Can’t tell you how much better it makes me feel.

On another note, the low quality photo is because I had to use my computer to take the picture.  My camera is freezing in obscure ways and not taking photos.  I’m waiting for the battery to die, and hope that once I recharge it, it will work again.  If not, I will need to buy a new one, meaning I will have replaced every piece of electronics I own while in Spain (though, my new computer, headphones, and ipod are functioning wonderfully).

I guess you just role with what you can.  In the meantime, I’m just trying to take it a day at a time.

Step back, breath, repeat

A few things that felt noteworthy…

1. Who knew if you wrapped bacon in bread and cream cheese it would actually taste good?  Sometimes pick a random sandwich that you know nothing about (it said British, but how was I suppose to know what that means?) it works out.

2. Still wavering between I’m completely set and I have no idea for my tests tomorrow, and it all makes me quite uncomfortable.  I just wish it could all be over.

3. Checked out the book the law class lectures are based on to review major themes for tomorrow’s exam.  About 7 weeks ago, I checked out the same book.  It took me and google translate about two days to get through the first 10 pages or so.  I just perused through the first 40 pages in about an hour.  Guess that means I’m learning something.

4. My new computer has a self-destruct button (or something that might as well be).  Apparently if you bump the internet button (why there is an internet button I’ll never know) and the function key at the same time, your computer will stop picking up all internet signals.  As frustrating as this might be, I troubleshooted the problem myself…with a computer who’s help functions are all in Spanish.

I’d like to take my ability to think clear under pressure (I need to have an internet connection) and transfer that to the two and half hours I’ll be sitting for exams tomorrow.

If today is any sort of indication of what I’m capable of, I think there’s hope, despite the knot that is still a little tied up in my chest right now.