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Step back, breath, repeat

A few things that felt noteworthy…

1. Who knew if you wrapped bacon in bread and cream cheese it would actually taste good?  Sometimes pick a random sandwich that you know nothing about (it said British, but how was I suppose to know what that means?) it works out.

2. Still wavering between I’m completely set and I have no idea for my tests tomorrow, and it all makes me quite uncomfortable.  I just wish it could all be over.

3. Checked out the book the law class lectures are based on to review major themes for tomorrow’s exam.  About 7 weeks ago, I checked out the same book.  It took me and google translate about two days to get through the first 10 pages or so.  I just perused through the first 40 pages in about an hour.  Guess that means I’m learning something.

4. My new computer has a self-destruct button (or something that might as well be).  Apparently if you bump the internet button (why there is an internet button I’ll never know) and the function key at the same time, your computer will stop picking up all internet signals.  As frustrating as this might be, I troubleshooted the problem myself…with a computer who’s help functions are all in Spanish.

I’d like to take my ability to think clear under pressure (I need to have an internet connection) and transfer that to the two and half hours I’ll be sitting for exams tomorrow.

If today is any sort of indication of what I’m capable of, I think there’s hope, despite the knot that is still a little tied up in my chest right now.