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la cucaracha x2 (na na na na na na na)

Team three got in last night.  This one’s staying with me in Queens, while team two is still out a Brooklyn.  There both nice groups.  Today, we were out canvassing for children’s programs and English classes in Jackson Heights, Queens, which was great because we had a lot of people, covered a lot of ground, and last time I did this we only got the word out about the English classes.  I think the kids understood how what they were doing opened a lot of doors for long term ministry in the community too, which is great.  After work we went to F.O. Schwartz, which you might recognize if you’re a Tom Hanks fan (think Big)

Giant Toy Store


Recognize this seen? Guess what store has it...in addition to things like a $25,000 Barbie foosball tables

I really enjoy showing teams around, but it is exhausting.  Tiredness is exacerbated by lack of sleep too, so that’s been hard.  On another note, and for your sake, I’ll skip the details. I never want to see another cockroach (dead or alive) in my life.

Something akin to a rollie pollie bug

No, not that bug I had a run in with a couple of days ago…

I still can’t bend at the waist, which is incredibly awkward.  I think the worst of it was last night.  I couldn’t even sit up to eat my dinner, and I had to crawl back to my room to go to bed.

Miriam however has sort of saved my life.  She’s let me borrow her back brace, which minimizes pain x1000.  I’ve never seen anyone my age wearing one before, but hey, whatever works right?  Anyways, the brace makes it possible to roll, which is how I managed to get in and out of bed last night and this morning.  The ability to move without crying out in pain is about the most amazing thing ever right now, although  I really do sort of feel like a rollie pollie bug.

As you can imagine, all this back trouble is setting me back a little in terms of getting my work done, which is okay, but a little frustrating.  I’m knee deep in this trying to figure out how to build a new website and have a bunch of other little projects to get done before General Conference, which as my father pointed out on the phone last night, is only 4 weeks away.  I really got to get rolling.  (a cheap pun I know, but I couldn’t resist.)

Sunday Endeavors

I was really looking forward to church this Sunday for several reasons, but there was one reason unique to this week.  Like I said earlier, I don’t know a lot of people in the city, and I knew church would be a place that I would be able to connect with people who would understand what I’m doing this summer and begin building relationships.  I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to join a small group or something for a couple of months.

I went to a church that Jeff recommended, and it was a good experience, although I’m not sure I’ll be going back.  Of course, I’m not sure that I’m not going back either.  I spoke to a couple of people at church yesterday, but I still don’t really know how everything is set up.  I read something about small groups online, but no one said anything about it yesterday.  The girl I spoke to after service invited to an event the church is having this Friday, and while I didn’t quite get what it was, I think I’m going to go.  It will give me an opportunity to find out what they’re all about, but between now and then, I think I’m going to have some conversations with Jesus about where I should get connected.

I’ve been in lots of different churches with lots of different kinds of people in different size congregations with all kinds of different styles of worship.  I like that.  I think it’s really cool to see people sincerely worshiping and seeking God and see them do it in totally different ways, but  I also have a strong inward aversion to church-hopping.  I’m here for three months, which is enough time to go someplace, get settled, and build some relationships.  I don’t really have the time or interest in taking a month to visit various churches in the city, which to a extent would be cool.  I would learn a lot by observing, but not much in terms of getting to know people or having any system of accountability.

After church, I came to the church I live in and enjoyed a nice long nap.  (fyi: I can’t go to the church I live in because service is in Portuguese).  In the evening I had a rather comical run-in with a bug.  Gerald and Miriam were out showing some friends around the city, so there was no one here to kill it.  I ended up turning all the lights on, dancing around the fellowship hall, and calling my mother for directions about how to catch it.  I hate actually killing bugs, although not for the dear humane reasons that some people cite.  I mostly just don’t kill them because that requires that I actually get close enough to the bug to touch it.  I ran to the kitchen to grab a pot to trap it, and then resolved that it would be better to use an empty trash can.  I figured I could throw the trash can from a longer distance with greater accuracy.  Mind you, during this whole fiasco, I’m still dancing around, now talking to my father on the phone, and still in pursuit of just one bug.  Anyways, by the time I emptied the trashcan the bug was gone, although I did stuff a towel under my door to make sure it didn’t make it into my room.   I’ve been facing bugs and spiders my whole life, I should really be over my fear by now, but I’m not.  At least I have the sense to recognize how silly I look, even if it isn’t enough to break my fear.