Table for 1?

I think I’ve figured something out.  I’ve been operating on a seriously messed up sleep schedule.  At first, I couldn’t sleep because I was using different pillows, which I realize sounds a little strange, but to me it’s no different then other people saying they need to get used to sleeping in a new bed.  Now, three weeks here, I’m drop-dead tired, and I can’t sleep.  I went to bed at nine, almost too tired to walk, and woke up at midnight.  Anyways, I think I finally resolved that the reason I’m not sleeping is because I’m thinking too much about the past day.  I can count on one hand the number of people I speak to on a daily basis, and that’s something that I’m not quite used to or fully comfortable with.  Since I usually don’t fall asleep without having detailed the events of my day to someone, I figure that’s why I drift off each night drafting some kind of letter (or in tonight’s case, a blog post).  Anyways, I figured I might actually rest better if I just turned the light on and wrote it.

I know the work I’m doing here in New York is for the kingdom and will have long-term implications, but like I said, the short-term solitude is getting to me a little bit (important side note: quietness to end shortly because of certain activities this week).  This morning I woke up a little late, but not unreasonable.  It was slightly awkward though, because a bunch of people were at the church (again, speaking Portuguese, which is why I don’t go to the church I live in).  I ducked out of my room when the hallway sounded quiet, because I hoped to avoid running into anyone on my way upstairs to the shower.  I slept late because of my crazy exhaustion and because I was going to an evening service, which kinda throws off your Sunday morning routine, but I was okay with that.

I spent most of the day reading at Union Square, which I discovered earlier in the week.  I have to say, so far at least, it’s my favorite spot.  Can’t totally articulate why, but it’s a comfortable place.  I sat outside and read Little Women until it got cold.  Afterward, I spent a good three or four hours researching law schools at Barnes and Noble’s.  That was certainly an experience in and of itself.  If I am going to go to law school, I want to start studying for the LSAT now, while I have some time.  However, I really don’t want to put that investment in unless I know I want to go, and right now, it sort of just seems like a good path to pursue.  I’ll do some more focused research this week, but I can say at this point that it looks like I’ll be investing some resources in some LSAT study materials.

view from Filene's Basement at Union Square

It really was all fun though.   When I woke up this morning, I resolved that I was going to go on a date with Jesus like how my dad took me out on dates when I was a little girl.  That feels a little funny and cheesy when I write it out, but it made the day fun.  It also made the awkwardness of eating alone in public less embarrassing, which is something else that has been challenging.  I’m here in the city and I know that I should be trying more restaurants in different parts of the city, just to experience it, but to be honest, I’m a little intimidated by the whole process.  Think about like the first time you walked into a Chipotle or a Starbucks and you didn’t know how to order.  It kind of feels like that.  Today though, today was better, because of my whole today-I’m-going-on-a-date-with-Jesus deal.  We hung out, read classic literature, researched law schools, and ended the day by going to (a new) church– a whole great and totally new experience unto itself.  Unfortunately, not a story for 2:09am, but I have a lot of thoughts on it, so I’ll definitely write again soon.

Central Park, another good reading spot


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